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Furwell™ Cat Window Hammock Perch

Every cat owner knows how much cats love sleeping and staring out the window. The FurWell™ Hammock is the #1 Rated Cat Hammock which allows your curious cat to do their favorite things with ultimate comfort.

The FurWell™ Hammock features a half-pod, open design, which gives your cat a full view of both the outdoors & indoors. When he or she is ready to take a break from watching over the world, the included soft, warm cushion will give him hours of comfuurrtable snoozing.

Why the FurWell™ Hammock?

  • Features a half-pod, open design for full viewing
  • Includes a cozy comfortable cushion
  • Portable & Travel Ready
  • Strong Suction Hold
  • Safe & Secure
  • Space Saving
  • Easy Installation - No Tools Necessary
  • Superior Quality
The convenient design attaches to any window in seconds, using the proven suction cup mounting system for reassuring security. 

The FurWell™ Hammock features a comfy, cozy & supportive cushion so your fur ball can relax and enjoy life.

Portable & Travel Ready!

Your cat will absolutely LOVE you for this!

The FurWell™ Hammock is NOT sold in stores.